12 Kitchen Hacks You Simply Must Know

Add Salt to Boiling Eggs

Not only does adding salt to your pot of water speed up the boiling process. But it also helps to prevent cracking of your eggs.

Bread On Burned Rice

If you’ve managed to burn your rice place a piece of bread over the top for 5-10 minutes. This will draw out the burnt taste. Then serve as usual. But be careful not to scrape out the evidence on to your plates.

Add Apple to Bag of Potatoes

Don’t speed through a bag of potatoes fast enough to stop budding? Try adding an apple to the bag.

Be sure to store your potatoes in a dark, cool place to also assist in keeping them fresh.

Walnuts to Remove Scratches

Not just a nut to add to a delicious mango salad. But the walnut has been renowned for helping remove scratches on wooden furniture, or floorboards. Just cut a large chunk and rub diagonally across the scratch in question.

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