Bait ul Shawarma

I got a chance to visit a new and unique food outlet in Lahore. The restaurant is located at PIA Main Boulevard, Block E Pia Housing Scheme, Lahore. They are serving Arabian Shawarma which is not commonly seen in Pakistan and the hub of food, Lahore.

There, I ordered platter shawarma.

  • Chicken shawarma
  • Fries
  • MAYO sauce
  • chilli sauce

Loving the taste of the food, I got a chance to meet the owner who was quite young around the age of early 30s. I asked him about his venture, about which he revealed,

“I’m a foodie and I was in Saudi Arabia and doing my job but suddenly things changed and therefore, I had to leave Saudi Arabia because I was not employed over there anymore. I came back to Pakistan and started looking for a job. One day, I was craving for arabic shawarma and started looking for one but couldn’t find any. Then I hit upon an idea and started my own restaurant named Bait-al-shawarma. I started this business in Hyderabad back in 2016 and it was a huge success as I serve arabic shawarma with the best quality in regio. Then, I tried to expand my business and moved to Lahore to open another branch of Bait-al-shawarma in 2019. However, by the start of 2020, I had to face a lot of ups and down due to pandemic and till now my business isn’t stable but I am working hard to gain trust of my customers by serving best flavor and quality.”

My Experience:

Shawarma, served with fries and scrumptious sauces, were so good. dOne of them was of mayo flavour and second was dry chilli sauce . The chicken in it was well grilled. In a nutshell, the food was so good. Quantity was not enough with respect to money. So, found it a bit expensive. For the people with taste and good pocket, I will surely recommend it to others.

Review Submitted by: Muhammad Tayyab

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