Busting Infamous Myths

Chocolate causes acne

If you’ve ever dealt with acne, you’ve probably had someone tell you that chocolate is the culprit.

One we’ve all heard, chocolate causes acne. Thank goodness this one’s false. Although eating too many sugary high fat foods is not a good idea for anyone, studiesi show that no specific food has been proven to cause acne.

Spicy food can cause ulcers.

Yes and no. Spicy foods may aggravate ulcer symptoms in some people but in kids they’re more likely to cause indigestion.

Chicken soup will cure your cold

While a bit of an exaggeration (there’s no “cure” for this common ailment), chicken soup will help you ride out a cold more comfortably.

Eating a tomato helps prevent sunburn.

Many people believe that eating a diet high in tomatoes could keep a sunburn at bay.

And as weird as it sounds, it’s actually kind of true. This shouldn’t replace sunscreen, but it’s good to know!

You need 8 glass of waters every day

A lot of people strive to down eight glasses of water each day in order to stay hydrated and healthy.

It’s hard… and you don’t need to do it. According to The New York Times, we get more water than we think each day. Water is in foods like fruits and veggies, it’s in juice, and it’s even in coffee. You’re ingesting more water than you realize, meaning you don’t need to strive for a specific eight glasses. In fact, that could cause over-hydrating!

Moral of the story? Don’t believe everything you hear — even if it’s from your grandma!

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