Ingredients     Bread slice                                                                4 Butter                                                                        1 pkt Carrot                                                                        2 Cabbage                                                                    1 Green onion                                                             ½ bunch                                           Potato                                                                       2                                      Tomato ketchup                                                     5-6 tbsp. Egg                                                                             2 Salami                                                                        4 Cheese                                                                       2 Salt                                                                             20 g Pepper                                                                      20 g Sugar                                                                         20 g Directions Cut cabbage and carrots in julienne and mix...
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Looking for gluten-free recipes? There are plenty of gluten-free foods that you can enjoy and Smoky sausage and butternut lasagna is one of them. Also, make sure you use gluten free sausages for this recipe. Ingredients olive oil 1 tbspherby sausages 4, skins removedonion 1, small, finely choppedhot smoked paprika 1 tspchopped tomatoes 400g tinbasil a handful of leaves, choppeddouble cream,...
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