Chicken Express- Lahore

Fried chicken has already had several well-publicized moments during the course of this endless comfort-food boom, and now it seems to be experiencing another one. If you don’t believe us, try Chicken Express which is serving mouth-watering Arabian broast that opened not long ago at Noor Jahan Road, near the Cock n Bull restaurant.

They serve fried chicken and a spicy version with a little bit of chili bite. They’re greasy, but in the best possible way. Chicken Express understands that fried chicken isn’t dependent on flash or innovation, so they drafted a menu that circles eternally around the bird, the skin, the spice and the process.

Served on the side, loaded fries are nice with the plain fried chicken, and there’s a trashy, guilty pleasure to the ranch that I won’t even try to deny. Also, the garlic mayo and special sauces served with the meal make it a winner.  

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