Fusion Sandwich with Fries


Bread slice                                                                4

Butter                                                                        1 pkt

Carrot                                                                        2

Cabbage                                                                    1

Green onion                                                             ½ bunch                                          

Potato                                                                       2                                     

Tomato ketchup                                                     5-6 tbsp.

Egg                                                                             2

Salami                                                                        4

Cheese                                                                       2

Salt                                                                             20 g

Pepper                                                                      20 g

Sugar                                                                         20 g


  1. Cut cabbage and carrots in julienne and mix with salanty cut green onions.
  2. Add eggs in it and let set for 3 minutes.
  3. Cut your potato in shape and put them in fryer.
  4. Now add butter to your pan and add your veggies mixture in it in square shape.
  5. Fry salami for a little.
  6. Butter your slice and toast on a grill pan.
  7. Now assemble them the fried egg vegies, tomato ketchup salami and cheese.
  8. Put the fries out of the fryer.
  9. Present sandwich with the fries.

Contributed by: Mehreen Seher

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