Russian Cutlets

  • Boiled Chicken (One Cup)
  • Boiled Potato (Two)
  • Green Chilly Chopped (Two TBSP)
  • Capsicum Chopped (One Medium)
  • Onion Chopped (One Small)
  • Carrot Chopped (One Small)
  • Fresh Coriander Chopped (Three TBSP)
  • Gram Masala (1/4 TSP)
  • Salt (As per taste)
  • Black Pepper (1/2 TSP)
  • Red Chili Powder (1/2 TSP)
  • Crushed Red Chili (1/2 TSP)
  • Egg and Vermicelli For Coating (As per Need)
  • Oil For Deep frying  


Step One

Add Potato and mash it in bowl then add all the spices

Step Two

Add vegetable and chicken then mix it well

Step Three

After mixing vegetable Chicken and spices then shape the cutlets

Step Four

Then start coating of Cutlets with vermicelli and eggs

Step Five

Then deep fried coated cutlets

Cutlets are prepared, serve it with sauce of your choice and enjoy it!

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