Things only pizza lovers will relate to

Hearing the word PIZZA is enough to get you drooling and make you want to order one. If you are a die- hard pizza lover whose only whims and fancies rest on that rotund piping hot bake, then you can really, really, really relate to our pizza obsessed manual!

Your Comfort food

You would want pizza for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Also for snacks. And for pre- breakfast, post- lunch and even mid- night cravings, pizza is the only thing for you!

You Don’t Like Sharing it With Anyone

For pizza lovers, the synonym for the word “awesomeness” is pizza. And who would want to share something that is beyond awesomeness? Divine taste is what defines pizza best for them.

Sharing your secrets is fine with you, but someone asks you for a slice of your delight, and you are ready to knock them out with one solid punch!

Pizza Is Bae

You don’t eat pizza for a day and you might as well slip into depression. Such is your attachment that even your bae becomes secondary when it comes to pizza!

No Other Food Item Can Replace a Pizza

Be it noodles, burger, cake, shawarma, or any other food item; it can never replace the position that a pizza holds in your life.

No Diets

The only reason why you’d never go on a diet is that you would have to give up pizzas! That’s obviously something you could never do, so why even bother, right?

These things might look weird to other people, but they can easily connect with pizza lovers instantly. For pizza lovers, it is not just food; it is much more than that. If reading the above-shared points made you crave for pizza, then go ahead and place an order now.

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